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The club is a good size, has excellent equipment. The price is a good value for this area. The staff is nice and I feel comfortable around them and wouldn't have any problem asking any questions. 

One of my favorite things about this club over others is the indoor basketball court. Great for a quick warmup if its open and I don't feel like hitting the treadmill.

A very friendly atmosphere.

Tony, I can not remember EVER sleeping seven hours straight!!! I can't even remember experiencing that. Ever since I started on the Herbalife program I have been sleeping like a baby!!! Using the herbal tea in the AM instead of coffee has made all the difference in the world. Lots, lots of energy in the AM now. Thanks so much!

I love the club.
It's big but without all the people. When I able to get there, machines are always open. The staff and patrons are super friendly and will help out when asked. There is no pressure in getting a personal trainer although watching them work is nice because it gives me ideas to use.

I really like the atmosphere and the way the staff conducts themselves. The price is good and i am happy with the equipment available.

I feel comfortable at the club. People are polite and respect my privacy but are available for questions.

I just joined recently, but did check out the Club first on a trial pass. When I came in Mike was super helpful, gave me a tour and talked to me for about a good 10 minutes chatting about what i was looking for, what kind of equipment i use, how often i come, what i like to do, etc. he was very friendly and helpful. The price is amazing, with some clubs costing $75+/month, CHF is a great value.

Working out at Conshohocken Health and Fitness has completely changed the way I exercise. The personal training sessions and Mike’s spinning and boot camp style workouts are great and challenging. I finally feel like I’m in good shape and have met amazing and motivating people in the process.  
Hal B.

I’ve been a member of CHF Club for 2 Years, and I’ve been taking Mike D.’s “Spin, Sprint, Sweat” (SSS) class for about a year now. When I started SSS I was running regularly, completing my first half marathon in 2:04. I took some spin classes but didn’t do much other cross training on my own. Fast forward after a year and I’ve seen significant improvement in my fitness level. I just finished my 2nd half marathon in 1:43, 20 minutes off of my time, my overall strength has increased and I’ve even learned to love the box jumps (maybe!). It isn’t only Mike’s program that’s great but, his energy and passion about what he does is contagious and makes it fun. The other SSSers have made it even more fun to come to class and add to the motivation. Everyone is always rooting for each other, and pushing each other to meet the next challenge. 

I can honestly say that I look forward to getting up at 5:00 am every Wednesday and coming to class! The other classes at CHF are great as well both Mike and Dave M. have amazing spin classes with great energy, which are great when I need a break from running! If you need someone to motivate you then, SSS is for you. Thanks to Mike and the crew at CHF Club I have more energy, and stronger/leaner and feel healthier than ever and have had fun getting here! Thanks again, guys!
Barbara R.

It has been my great pleasure to be a member of this club for the past several years. Their motto is “cleanliness and friendliness” and they uphold this with every visit I make. With an abundance of space and equipment in addition to a wide variety of classes and training programs, you will never feel crowded, bored, or disappointed. Their friendly and professional staff will readily help you meet your fitness goals; with membership from teenagers to senior citizens, a family atmosphere is maintained where you will feel comfortable at any level of fitness. And with clean, well-maintained sauna, steam room, and locker rooms the value of the quite affordable membership is remarkable. As a family physician I highly recommend Conshohocken Health & Fitness Club to be a vital component to your physical and mental well being, as it is mine!
Dr. Jeff H.

I have been very happy at CHFC. I also like the atmosphere because even though i am far from the most fit/strongest, I never feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. The staff is really nice and chill and I think this makes the clientele really nice and chill.

Nice club I recommended it to my son.

Honestly, I enjoy CFC because it offers all of the equipment I need to work out, and also is never over crowded like some gyms i've belonged to in the past.

CHF is great for me--close to work, generally uncrowded.

I enjoy the club. Staff and other members are helpful and friendly.

I really like it, the space, the equipment available, usually never have to wait, the people are very nice!

Great experience!

It's good. It's not too fancy, but it's close to my home and has everything I need.  

It's a great place to supplement my outdoor runs. I always feel like I can get a workout in and not have to wait or feel intimidated by the members or staff.

I've been a member for over two years now. I've found my niche at CH and F.

I'm very satisfied with the overall atmosphere of the club. When I go it is never overly crowded and the gym is large enough to accommodate my needs as well as the needs of the other members.

The gym seems fairly clean, the staff is very polite and approachable, and (most importantly), nobody bothers me while I working out.

The classes are amazing - I take both Cardio Pump and Spinning at this time. Susan that teaches cardio pump really gets you involved and makes you want to be there. The thing that really makes this gym stick out to others is the class availability so making them more appealing to the attendees would be awesome!

Matt has done a superlative job as manager the club has been infused with new energy!

Convenient and reasonable price.

Nice place to work out. Front desk staff is friendly.

I think the club is great. For me the price is right and it is extremely convenient to where I live, but the reason I keep coming back is my trainer Matt. He is awesome and has really helped me get back into shape over the last 5 months. We work out 1 or 2 times per week and he has pushed me just enough that I working hard but I also enjoy the workouts. He is a great trainer and as long he is there, I will continue to be a member of your gym. I recommend him to all of my friends.

Great trainers and very friendly staff and owner!!!!!

Matt F, Mike D, Ad, and Nicole make this gym such a great experience. They all really care about the members and are so friendly to everyone. Mike has made the running club such a wonderful experience. Matt always makes sure the members are happy. Ad and Nicole have the best classes. Please add more classes from Ad and Nicole. They are always challenging and both have helped me improve my fitness level.

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